Monday, 10 September 2007

Top 5 movies

This years Onam was the most undelightful festival that the filmi business witnessed in recent times. Four films were released for the festival but surprisingly not any one from them climbed the top of the box office list. The top five Malayalam films are:

1. Hello - As expected after the preview reports of Onam films, Mohanlal's Hello still manages to grab in eighty percent audiences in major cities. The film which continues in more than thirty centres even after 65 days is the number one film, even in its tenth week

2 Alibhai - Mohanlal's much-hyped Onam film, directed by his favorite Shaji Kailas, did disappoint his fans But the nonsense repeat drama still makes it up to the second position. The film will find it hard to retain the position as many centres are planning to shift the film by this weekend.

3. Ore Kadal - After a very week start, Ore Kadal has gradually started inviting audiences. A film which still holds below 50 percent audiences tells the story of an affair between a megalomaniac social scientist and a housewife. With bigger stars like Mammootty, Meera Jasmine, Narein and its daring non traditionalist theme, the film was expected to make it through even after a faulty start. The growing mouth publicity about the performances and the charm of the flick seems in the positive side of the film’s trade.

4. Naivedyam - Veteran director Lohithadas with a tried and tested formula love story with newcomers didn’t get any big start. But the film continues in theatres due to the good marketing capabilities of the distributors. The feel fresh faces of the cast and the songs are the high points of the film.

5. Kichamani MBA - The film will definitely become a loser, but survived weeks due to the festival crowd pull.

The other films in theatres like Arabikkatha and Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri has emerged as good hits with the Onam pull. With films like Indrajith and Hero poised to be in theatres this week, the story next week will be a bit different.

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