Friday, 29 August 2008

Monday, 25 August 2008

Akashagopuram - Class Film

Kerala’s highest budgeted movie till date 'Aakasha Gopuram' has started with an average collections all over Kerala. The story is based on the Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen's classic play "The Master Builder", the movie is about an architect who is always want to be the top. This affect his life also. The film is a world wide release project and released in US and Europe like countries with English subtitles.

Technically this is a very good film. Hope the audience will accept class movies like this also.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Rajeev Nath - Mohanlal - Suresh Gopi Project

The great offbeat director Rajeev Nath is again teaming up with Mohanlal for the latest project "Pakal Nakshatrangal". The teams first project was "Aham". One of the highlight of the movie is that Suresh Gopi is also playing a good role in this film.

In this film Mohanalal plays as a famous director and script writer Sidharthan. The shooting is planing to start on 2nd week of August.

"Sagar Alias Jacky" is Coming Back!

The unforgettable and ever lasting hit of Malayalam movie "Irupatham Noottandu" is back with its 2nd part. The first report was that Shaji Kails is doing the work but unfortunately the project has drooped but its now reports that the great director Amal Neerad(Big B). The script work is doing by SN Swamy. Amal is creating the same "Sagar Alias Jacky" and with the same spirit with a thrilling story. Be ready for a
high voltage suspense thriller.

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