Friday, 30 October 2009

Mohanlal and Kaniha Bagged "AMMA" Award

The "Annual Malayalam Movie Award" organised the the Gulf Malayalees goes to Mohanlal for his unforgetabel performance in "Bhramaram" and Kaniha for "Pazhassiraja". The selection was done by online voting and SMS.

Adoor Gopalakirshnan will receive the life time achievement award. The award for the Best Screenplay has been won by M.T.Vasudevan Nair for the movie “Pazhassi Raja” and the Best Singer award in he Male category went to Shankar Mahadevan for the song “Pichavecha Naal Muthal..” of the movie “Puthiya Mugham” and female singer is none other than K S Chithra.

Best Film: Pazhassi Raja
Director: Hariharan
Music Director: Ilayaraja

Thursday, 29 October 2009

"Christian Brothers" - Pooja held at Kochi

Yesterday the pooja of the multistarrer malayalam film "Christian Brothers" was held at Kochi. Mohanlal is in the lead role of the film with "Suresh Gopi" and "Dileep". The other attraction of the film is the comeback of "Kavya Madhavan", she is the heroine of Mohanlal.

Veteran director "Joshiy" will direct the film with the script of Udaya Krishna - Sibi K Thomas. The movie to be produced by AV Anoop and Subair. Tamil actor Arjun also playing an important role in the film .The movie will be completed in a single schedule of fifty days starting the 15th of  November. The movie is now slated as one of the big release for the summer of 2010."

Monday, 26 October 2009

Angel John - is a passable fare

S L Puram Jayasurya's ‘Angel John’ opens as a racy youthful story with plenty of directorial gimmicks and style in the very first hour. But with the advent of a too unrealistic angel, the movie suddenly appear to be in the genre of kids films, that isn't trying to be anything else. That too with the super star Mohanlal as the angel, the director is left with no choices but to fill in the later half to satisfy the star's fans, with the angel throwing himself into all kinds of star tantrums, fights and slow motions. And for those who feels it likable enough to right this point have that fatal third act, where the movie abruptly and unapologetically turns into the kind of predictable handkerchief-friendly melodrama-sentimental fest. And with that, we are pretty sure that we have a downer in our hands, though made with much noble intentions.

The movie has Santhanu Bhagiyaraj debuting into Malayalam as Maradona, a spoilt brat who fools around doing all nonsense for just a fun (''Oru Rasam'', as it is heard repeatedly all through in the film which paradoxically offers not much ''Rasam''). Being a failure in his studies, this commerce student, the only son of Bank manager Joseph (Lalu Alex) and Mary (Ambika) is now after ways to make easy money, to prove himself before his dad. His company of bad friendship and attitudes makes him fail in every endeavors like the internet cafe business and even drugs trading.

Maradona's father who is heavily affected by his son's ways suffers a heart attack, while Maradona is finally thrown out of his house. Much shattered with this, the young boy now decides to commit suicide by jumping into the sea from a light house, but is miraculously held back from the deed by a divine angel who appears from the skies. The angel now enter into an agreement with the prankster and decides to grant him a boon, every day. The film follows to tell how the association with the guardian angel spell wonders in Maradona's life, changing him to some one whom he never was.

The film, though with a different storyline and heavy messages seemingly inspired from films like ‘Bhootnath’ to it's wonderful life (1946), fails to work at the needed level as the director fails to find a narrative lineup that is either realistic or filled with elements of fantasy. The central path that he opts, is filled with plenty of cliches, which fails to ensure that there's anything enough in the story which could keep non-children of every age involved.

The other matter of curious interest is the in-film and subliminal advertising that the film stick to, in every adjacent frames. The movie can be readily advised for a communication student who has a taste in these kind of studies. From the sequences that deliberately show the inner wear brand to the carefully found wordings on the Maradona's T- shirts, the art director and the director seems have given heavy thoughts on to pick and write the right sequences to feature the products.

Santhanu Bhagiyaraj is clearly likable and adequate to the role, having finesse in every departments associated with filmi acting, But his loud dubbing takes out the grace of the character. Mohanlal is graceful as usual and does his role with Elaan, he often saves the sequences and often at least tries to. But had another fresh face appeared in the role, the majority would have looked on the film as a different attempt. But here his star image comes in the way of the characterization, which ultimately leads to messing up of the events. The supporting cast of Vijayaragahvan, Lalu Alex and Ambika are apt for the roles while Nithya shines as limping Soffie. Jagathy also appear in a distinct role of Khadar Moosa who is always ready to risk his life to find his name in the list of Limca book of records.

The technical side of the movie is indeed a winner with Ajayan Vincent and Bijith Bala doing a good job in cinematography and editing. While the two songs in the film set to music by year's national award winner Ouseppachan’ will not stay in your hearts, his background score and title music are exceptional.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

"Angel John" for Oct - 22nd

Finally its coming to an end of long wait for the releasing of "Angel John" as its confirmed that the movie will hit theater on October 22nd. Earlier the movie was planned to release on first week of this month. But due to some reasons the date postponed. "Angel John" will hit about 78 theaters and have got a complete "U" certificate from the censor board.

Mohanlal and Shanthanu are in the lead role. Mohanlal is said to arrive just 2 minute before the interval. Cinematographed by Ajayan Vincent and songs by Ouseppachan. Directed and scripted by Jayasurya, the movie will be a racy family thriller.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Mohanlal is back with "Chayamukhi"

The much acclaimed drama "Chayamukhi" in which Mohanlal and Mukesh were handled the main characters is coming back on this Diwali. The play, which has been staged in many metros in the country and some specific towns in Kerala, is to be staged for the first time in Kochi, Tripunithura at the JT Pac state of art auditorium.

The story of the drama is based on "Mahabhratham". Mohanlal plays the role of Bheema in this play. The play is produced by "Kalidas Visual Magic" has already sold out the tickets for as many as the 679 seats in the auditorium. This is an impetus for reviving the theatre tradition in Kerala.

Rafi-Mecartin with Mohanlal

After the hilarious comedy entertainer "Hello" the teams are again joining for their next project. Rafi-Mecartin's first project with Mammootty was a flop in the box office. So they are trying for a comeback with their lucky and favorite star Mohanlal.

The new project will be produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner Aashirwad Movies. This new movie will be planned for a festival season of 2010.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Joshy with a multi starrer film "Christian Brothers"

After  Prithviraj starrer "Robinhood",  the veteran director Joshy is planning for a multi starer movie with Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Prithviraj and Jayasurya. The title of the film is decided as  "Christian Brothers", produced by Anoop and Varnachitra Subair. After the blockbuster Twenty:20 Sibi-Udyan team are again doing the script for a multi starer film.

Mohanlal will play the role of a gangster and Suresh Gopi, Prithviran and Jayasurya will be seen as his brothers. The shooting of the film will start to roll on November 5th and the expecting to get releasein the year 2010.

Mohanlal and Roshan Andrews - Ivide Swargam Aanu

Finally the name of Mohanlal - Roshan Andrews project is confirmed "Ivide Swargam Aanu". In this movie  Mohanlal portraying a farmer's character name Mathews son of Jeremias, a strong character playing by Thilakan.

The mvoies tell the story of a fatehr and son who fight against the Land Mafia, who are hell bend on converting farmlands into resorts. The movie casts Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Priyanaka and Lakshmi Rai as heroines. The script work is by James Albert.

"Ivide Swargam Aanu" will be Mohanlal's Christmas release.

A book on Mohanlal - ‘Mohanlal, Oru Malayaliyude Jeevitham’

A couple of days ago the actor turned director Madhupal release the book "Mohanlal, Oru Malayaliyude Jeevitham" and Mohanlal were the chief guest of the function.  The authors, Chandrasekhar and Gireesh Balakrishnan are very happy to release the book of the great Malayalam film artist whose lifestyle, mannerism and easy acting methods are already been a subject of study to much of those in Kerala who always loved serious cinema.

On his converse Mohanlal opined that the book was not on him, but it was a study and evaluation of the life of an average Keralite with his on-screen portrayal of the characters.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Angel John Relasing Date Postponed

Earlier it was planned the Mohnalal movie "Angel John" to get release on 8th Oct. But the delay to finish the post production work, the the distribuotr Max Lab had annouced a one week delay in the releasing date of the film. So we can expect the releasing date as on the 3rd week of October. If so "Angel John" will have compete with Mammootty's "Pazhassi Raja" and Surya's Aadhavan".

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Angel John Landing on Oct-8th

The new Mohnalal -  Shanthanu teams movie "Angel Jonh" is planning to reach the theaters on October 8th. The movie was earlier planned to get released on 2nd of October, but due to some problem the releasing date was postponed. Now things are ready to launch the movie.

The songs are already became hit. The hit songs are done by music director Ouseapachan and sung by Hariharan and Franco. Now its time to watch the movie. Wait till october 8th. We can expect a good entertainer from the young director Jayasuriya and our Lalettan...

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