Monday, 3 September 2007

Onam Without Malayalam Film

Poor marketing and planning once again led to another dismal festival season this year.As the four films that were released for this Onam failed to draw audiences due to their weak entertaining proportions, the large group of the audience remained stuck to their TV Sets.Even in major cities more than four Tamil films were enjoying packed houses in the theatres.

Films like Thottal Poo Malarum, Munna, Sivaji, Thee Nagar and Love in London were those that were in city theatres. While in less known towns and B centres, the theatres owners very well found that it will be youths rather than families who are going to fill their centres and for them they also played mainstream masala filled Tamil films that just passed out from the A centres.

Hindi films like Hey Baby and Chak De India were also the favorites this season. Adding to the Mollywood's woes Mohanlal's Hindi film RGV Ki Aag also opened in full houses.

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