Monday, 3 September 2007

Thakur Vs Inspector Narasimha

Thakur (Sanjeev Kumar - Sholay):

Sanjeev Kumar wonderfully portrayed the role of Thakur. Forming the crux of the story, Thakur is the mainstay of the film. His character’s plot for revenge is what the whole film revolves around. Without Thakur, there is no Sholay. More importantly, without Sanjeev Kumar, there is no Thakur. He lifted the character to great heights and because of him; Thakur has reached a great status today, just like Gabbar.

Inspector Narasimha (Mohanlal - RGV Ki Aag):

Present day, we will be seeing Mohanlal enacting the role of Thakur, which is now being named Inspector Narasimha. It will indeed be a tough task for him to live up to someone of Sanjeev Kumar’s caliber. But Mohanlal was born to play this role. As a matter of fact, I believe out of the entire casting, his is the most suiting. Even before the film, you just know Mohanlal is going to deliver. There are barely any qualms from anyone about him playing this role because pretty much everyone knows he can carry it. Mohanlal is a gifted actor, and we expect him to prove it yet again with his portrayal of Inspector Narasimha.

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