Thursday, 26 June 2008

Madambi for July 4

The final reports shows that the release of the awaited Mohanlal film Madambi will hit theater (55 centers)on July 4th. This movie is produced by B C Joshy in the banner of Soorya Cine Makers and is directed by B Unnikrishnan.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Star War on July

Both the stars Mohanlal and Mammotty are rushing to complete the post production work of their movies “Madambi” and “Parunthu” respectively. Both of these films are scheduled for July. Both of the film is portraying private financier.

In “Madambi” Mohanlal plays a character name Goplakrishna Pillai, a famous financier in his village and in “Parunthu”, Mammooty is Gillette Purushothaman, a pitiless money lender.

As per the reports “Madambi” will hit the theatre on 11th of July and “Parunthu” on 17th. But the crew of both the films are not worried as per their opinion the story line of both of the film are totally different and if the film has a good script then definitely will become a success. Anyway let’s wait for the battle.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Mizhikal Sakshi - Class Film

Mohanlal's June release "Mizhikal Sakshi" is released on 20th. The movie is a class one. It wont be a commercial success but definitely a class success. In this movie Mohanlal plays a guest role as the son of Sukumari(Kuniyamma) the main character of the film. Each actors in this film marked with their class acting. Must a watchable film.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Mohanlal on Busy Schedule

As always Mohanlal is having a very busy schedule of the year 2008. Now he is at Kasi on the location of "Swapnamalika" and after that he
is going to be with the team of "Kurukshethra", the Onam project of Mohanlal, directed by Major Ravi. The film "Mizhikal Sakshi" is going to relase on 20th of this month. The most awaited film on August is "Madamby" and hope a super hit of the year 2008.

By the end of August he will join to "Casanova" directed by the talented director Roshan Andrews.

Apar tof these many of the projects are in waiting for Mohanlal's date. The list includes 'Alexander The Great' by Murali Nagavalli, 'Bheeshmar' by Lohithadas, 'Cousins' by Lal Jose, 'Cheguerra' by Joshy - A K Sajan, 'Hello’ ‘Mayavi' by Shafi- Rafi Mecartin team, and the movies by M Padmakuma, Priyadarshan, Amal Neerad, Shaji Kailas, Kamal and B Sreekantan.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

MACTA lashes out at Mohanlal

Federation of Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA) lashed out at superstar Mohanlal, yesterday asking him not to muddle in the affairs of the union.

Speaking to the Press after the Sunday's meeting, MACTA general secretary director Vinayan has no inhibitions to ask the superstar to concentrate on issues in AMMA than to take sides in the present disputes. “He may be a superstar in films and it is best that he keeps that to the films”,

Vinayan was more upset on Lal, as the later said that MACTA union does not have affiliation with any national organization.

Before the Press meeting, the faction in MACTA led by Vinayan staged a well- attended rally of his followers, as a show of strength.

Taking the verbal assault in the right spirits, Super star Mohanlal countered that if Vinayan finds him as ill mannered, then it will be more worthwhile for him to consider the creation of his own federation, which have all the members who speaks well and behave well .

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Friday, 13 June 2008

'Casanova' shooting on August

The movie 'Casanova' directed by 'Roshan Andrews' will start by the end of August.The script of the movies is by Bobby-Sanjay. Mohanlal is currently on the location of "Swapnamalika" at Kasi.
Mohanlal will join with "Casanova" after completing his Onam project "Kurukshetra" by Major Ravi.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

The movie "NairSan"

Hi friend here is the site of NairSan movie. In this film Jackie Chan also acting as a role of Mangolian desert warroir. Just visit and enjoy

Monday, 2 June 2008

"Mizhikal Sakshi" for June 20

The movie directed by Asok R Nath, is going to reach theater on June 20. This is a very good news for lal fans that they are expecting "Madambi" on July and geting a new film before that.The script work is done by Anil Mukhathala and songs are by famous Dakshinamoorthy and O.N.V Kurup.The movie is produced in the banner of Cyber Vision by VR Das.

"Kargil" to "Kurukshetra"

According to the latest reports Mohanlal's Onam project "Kargil" is going to rename as "Kurukshetra". The movie is directed by the successfull director Major Ravi, in Damor Films banner. The story is based on India and Pak conflict in the year 1999. The incident happened in Kargil, a district in Kashmir.The shooting of the film may start on 13th of June.

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