Friday, 31 August 2007

Onam Release Reports

Poor entertainment values of the Onam films has resulted in virtual loss in collections of every films that were released this Onam.

As the films resorted to poor marketing, the situation became worse as most of the cine goers found solace in watching the previous year’s super hits, in mini screens in their own homes.

Mohanlal's ‘Alibhai’ was the safest of the lot as it managed to capture a better initial.

Mammootty's Ore Kadal which was released this Sunday surprised everyone with its poor opening, even though the film has some inspirational performances. The film though not expected to become a crowd puller, is faring worse than expected.

The rest of the films for this onam Kichamani MBA and Nivedhyam too is not going to have an upset victory as both are only maintaining very low collections.

And at the end is quite clear that Mohanlal's Hello which was released two months back will be the clear winner, this Onam. Continuing its impressive performance at the box office, the film is all poised to become the biggest hit of the year.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

College Kumaran - News

The shooting of Mohanlal and Thulasidas's film College Kumaran is fast progressing.The story is based on College and Mohanlal plays the Role of Kumaran the college canteen owner. Vimala Raman acts as his pair, she appear as a lecture.Lots of good actors acting on this movie like Balachandra menon,Siddiq,Saikumar and comedy artists Salim kumar and Suraj.

College Kumaran - News

The shooting of Mohanlal and Thulasidas's film College Kumaran is fast progressing.The story is based on College and Mohanlal plays the Role of Kumaran the college canteen owner. Vimala Raman acts as his pair, she appear as a lecture.Lots of good actors acting on this movie like Balachandra menon,Siddiq,Saikumar and comedy artists Salim kumar,Suraj.

College Kumaran - News

The shooting of Mohanlal and Thulasidas's film College Kumaran is fast progressing.The story is based on College and Mohanlal plays the Role of Kumaran the college canteen owner. Vimala Raman acts as his pair, she appear as a lecture.Lots of good actors acting on this movie like Balachandra menon,Siddiq,Saikumar and comedy artists Salim kumar,Suraj.

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Agg - Mohan Lal as Insp:Narsimha

In the film "RGV Ki AAG" Mohanlal is playing the role of encounter specialist inspector Narsimha,Thakur from Sholay. The character is an inspector who wants to take revenge against Babban.To take the revenge only he is living..The movie is going to release on 31st August.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Interview With Mohanlal

Mohanlal one of the born actor in Malayalam film industry answers every question with a smile

Q: This year marks the 25th year of your association with films. How have your evolved as an actor and as a person during this time?

Mohanlal: Twenty five years in a profession is something very difficult, especially in an entertainment industry like cinema. So I should thank all my people who have accepted me as an actor. I think the credit goes to them. I am just doing my duty. It's my social commitment as an actor to perform the role and to do justice to it. And if I am appreciated by those people, I should say thanks to them for keeping me in this industry for the last 25 years. So I am nothing .... I am nobody!

And as a person .... well, I started my career at the age of 17. Now I am 43. So, in the 250 films, I have travelled not only physically, but also through a lot of minds.

Q: A spiritual journey, you mean?

Mohanlal: Yeah, of course. And I have met a lot of people and I can call each of them my Guru. I am still heading towards my destination, though I don't know where. But these people are carrying me, or unknown energies are carrying me as a person. I line in the present, and I celebrate every moment of my life. For example, right now, I am enjoying the conversation with you.

Q: You have said that you had never thought of becoming an actor. What prompted you to take up your first film,Thiranottam, which, incidentally, never saw the light of day?

Mohanlal: When I was in Class 6, I became the best actor in my school. When I was in Class 10 ... pre-degree, I was the best actor in my college. Some of my friends asked me, 'Can we do a film?' So I said, 'Yes!' I call it as an accidental co-incidence or a happening. So it's still happening. (laughs)

Q: You started your mainstream career with a negative role. Were you not worried that you would be categorised as a villain?

Mohanlal: I don't think there is a kind of stamping in films, especially in South India. But for an actor to get good roles, to get chances to get associated with good directors, to have good colleagues, to get good stories .... I can call it an element of luck. There is a hidden luck. I don't know how I can explain it to you. I have got the best of characters, best of directors, best of colleagues, best stories .... There are many actors who don't have a chance to expose themselves as good actors because of lack of all these things. But fortunately, I am blessed with all these. That's why I said, I am the chosen one, that unknown energies are helping me.

Q: You seem to believe a lot in destiny and fate.

Mohanlal: Well, I wouldn't call it fate. its not destiny. It's a happening.

Q: You have maintained that you like comic roles the best, though most of your award-winning films have seen you playing intense roles. your comment?

Mohanlal: Actually, to make somebody laugh, to make somebody cry, to make somebody comfortable is a big task. So again it's not me. It is, with the help of the script, with the help of colleagues, with the help of the directors that I am moulded into that character. I am not the only performer. The ambience is there, there are a lot of characters. So, with their help, I am succeeding in those roles. I have done intense roles, I have done comical roles. I have done buffoonery. I have done a lot of flop films. Yes! It is not my mistake. it is the mistake of the totality (chuckles). So if I win for a role, and if the film is a big hit, I can share it with everybody. And if it is a flop, I want to share it with everybody, even with the audience.

Q: Your mother said in an interview that she likes to see you only in comic roles. Any reason?

Mohanlal: You know, all mothers ... they want their children to be happy (Laughs). They don't want to see their children crying, getting beaten up by the villain, It's not only my mother even your mother will want that (Laughs).

Q: Some of your most acclaimed films are the ones you have produced yourself. How and why did you venture into film production?

Mohanlal: It is a thought process to create good films. So, if you want to do different things, you better do it with your own intelligence and with your own money. So I started my production company and I think most of my films have done very well, that is, in an artistic manner, not in the monetary manner!

Q: Your debut venture in Bollywood with the multi-lingual Kalapani, failed to arouse audience interest, though it fetched five national awards. Did you dub it in Hindi with an intention of getting into blockbuster films in Bollywood?

Mohanlal: It is a Malayalam film. We dubbed it in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So, there wasn't any intention like that at that time.

Q: You won the Best Supporting Actor award for Company. How did Ram Gopal Varma convince you to do the role?

Mohanlal: Actually, we planned a film long back. He (Ram Gopal Varma) first came to me with a Telugu film. For Company, he took may be half an hour! He narrated the story, and it was an irresistible offer. He just narrated the script, and that's it.

Q: Do you have offers to do more Hindi films?

Mohanlal: Not many. Actually, I don't want to do Hindi films. They are not my cup of tea. I have done a Tamil film called Iruvar. People say I portrayed the role of MGR and it was o convincing. It was an irresistible offer from Mani Ratnam. It was Aishwarya Rai's first film. But that was not the attraction, okay? (Laughs) But see, if a director can convince an actor, and if the story is good, it's enough for the actor to do the film.

Q: You played Karna in a Sanskrit play, Karnabharam. How did you manage a Sanskrit play?

Mohanlal: It was a request from the National School of Drama. it was an honour for me. It was actually an English play. Then it changed to Malayalam and ended up in Sanskrit. I have done two shows in Delhi and Mumbai each. It was an amazing experience, simply because I don't know Sanskrit. an two hours of Sanskrit! I really think I am the first Indian film actor to do a Sanskrit play.

Q: You have opened your first restaurant in Dubai. How did that happen?

Mohanlal: It was my dream to have good restaurants. I love food and I love to cater to people who love good food. It is again like acting or watching a film, or watching dance. You should have a respect for food. I want to share it with my fans. it is not only for the Kerala people. it is for the world. Because of my being a film personality, people will get curious about it. If I succeed, I can bring lot of products from Kerala. it is an expansion for the culture of Kerala.

Q: Director Priyadarshan rates you as the best actor in the world. Mani Ratnam says you are the most natural actor in India. During the shooting of Vanaprastham, a French Technician said that you were born in the wrong side of the world. if you were to be born in some other country, you may have already got the Oscar. Of the people who has given you the best compliment?

Mohanlal: Very interesting question. When I am walking on a street, or I am in a supermarket, and I see a two-year old child recognising me and saying 'Mohanlal', that's a complement. I have wanted it, and I have got it.

Q: Do you think you still have something to achieve as an actor?

Mohanlal: You can't point out the saturation point for a particular thing. So whatever time God permits me, whatever time my physical conditions permits me, whatever time my audience permits me. I will continue to act. After that, I will react.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Onam With Mohanlal

Onam the national festival of Kerala. In Onam Kerala peoples get two festivals one is Onam and the other is Onam films. Mohanlal's two films is there for the Malayalees. "Hello" and "Alibhai" the two films are running successfully all over Kerala and also in out side centers. One more film "Ramgopal Varma Ki AAg" is going to release on august31st.So enjoy this Onam with Mohanlal.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mohanlal’s "Ramgopal Varma Ki AAg" on August 31

Mohanlal’s Hindi film "Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag" be releasing on August 31st. The much-awaited movie, directed by Ram Gopal Varma.In this film Mohanlal playing the role of an encounter specialist named Narasimha. Suchitra Krishnamoorthy is acting as Mohanlal’s wife in the film.
The movie also casts Amitabh Bachchan (who was also cast in Sholay), Ajay Devgan, Sushmita Sen, Nisha Kothari, Rajpal Yadav, Gaurav Kapoor, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy and others. The movie, produced by Ram Gopal Varma under the banner of Adlabs, and the script penned by Rahil Qazi.
The music is done by Ganesh Hegde and Bappi Lahri for the film and cinematography is by Amit Roy. Mohanlal’s Malayalam films released this year are doing good business at the box office.

After Rajnikanth, it’s Mohanlal In an Animation Film

The recent news in Indian animation industry was all about Rajnikant's 'Sultan The Warrior' animation film done by his daughter. Following the lines of the superhero, its Malayalam star Mohanlal reinventing his career by doing an animation film.Animation Dimensions, an animation company has started their work on a film with the Superstar as the hero. Mohanlal will also be lending his voice to the film, says the Creative Head of the Animation Dimensions, Prakash Nambiar. The film will have two heroes in the lead. Besides Mohanlal the other hero would be a superstar from Bollywood.Apart from this, another animation series with the famous characters of Naadodikkattu , Daasan and Vijan is being worked by another group of animators.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Mohanlal Vs Mohanlal

As the other film are delayed their Onam releases its a Mohanlal Vs Mohanlal Onam. Mammooty's Orekadal is releasing on 26th of this month and other Onam expecting releases are Suresh Gopi's Black Cat,Kalabhavan Mani's Indrajith and director Lohithadas film Naivedyam.Mohnalal's Hello now also continuing in most centers with 80% collections.The film successfully completed 50 days.Mohanlal's Onam release Alibhai got a big opening and is now moving to a hit.So all we can expect a mohanlal film fights for Onam.

College Kumaran on the fast lane

The shooting of Thulasidas' Mohanlal film College Kumaran is fast progressing.The film is set in the background of a college and Mohanlal plays Kumaran, whose gang consists of college students.Vimala Raman is being cast opposite Mohanlal for the first time. She plays a college lecturer.The movie is expected for a release this Ramzan. Balachandra Menon plays an important role in the film and has also Siddique, Salim Kumar, Sai Kumar, Suraj Venjaranmoodu, Shamna, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy.Story and screenplay is by Suresh Poduval, while music is by Ouseppachan.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Monday, 20 August 2007

Mohanlal in and as "Bheeshmar"

After a waiting for a decade, the dream team is back. The team of Lohithadas and Sibi Malayail who had been with the most saleable artist of Malayalam, Mohanlal to create some of the classics of modern cinema, is again thinking to make another with Mohanlal.

The film has been tentatively titled as Bheeshmar, and the initial works on the projects are on. The movie will be produced by Johny Sagarika and will be the second project of Sibi with Lal in 2008.

Sibi Malayil who has been keeping away from films following a ban by producers association will reliance himself with another Lal starrer, in the scripts of S Bhasurachandran, which will start its shooting by the end of this year.

"College Kumaran" Shooting Started

The shooting of Mohanlal's College Kumaran has commenced in Thiruvananthapuram. The film is being produced by Bensy Martin and is being directed by Thulasidas.

Vimala Raman plays the female lead.

Others in the cast include Balachandra Menon, Nedumudi Venu, Janardhanan, Siddique, Risa Bava, Babu Namboothiri and Saikumar. The story and Suresh Poduval provides script for the film.

Music is by Ouseppachan.

Alibhai straight to the lead

The penultimate weekend before Onam shows two Lal films fighting neck to neck for the top slot. Alibhai, that have landed few day back captures the lead with its fabulous initials.

The top five movies of the weekend are:

1. Alibhai - The film which was released in 75 theatres, opened with the best initials seen so far. Even though the film is an action masala, the longer queues outside every centres ensure the film to become a safe success. But how long these collections will last is a matter to see.

2. Hello - The film with Rafi Mecartin is now looked upon even to win the Onam fest. The film which is still continuing in 30 centres, after completing 50 days, has already converted into the onam film as the theatres refuse to change the movie for new releases. The film which even registers 70 percent collection in its 50 day will pose a threat even to Alibhai and other Onam releases.

3. Nadhiya Kolapetta Rathri - The movie which opened with a good initial, somehow finds a drop in its fourth week. The film may find it hard to move over the new arrivals as the star of the movie. Suresh Gopi still has two offerings for this Onam in Black Cat and Kichamani M B A, which will hit the theatres in a matter of 10 days.

4. Arabikatha -The Lal Jose film which had Sreenivasan in the lead still register 50 percent collections and may pass over to Onam in select centres and will be the most wanted Onam film in first change centres.

5. Mission 90 Days - The film is continuing in very few centres, but reports suggest that the film has managed to get its money back due to its low costs and low shoot days. The film any way is a loser in commercial terms, but just escaped from a washout and may get its due from the first change centres, this Onam.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Alibhai Movie Review

Mohanlal has been in the best of the times, with a number of continuous mega hits up in his sleeves for the last couple of years. That is the only possible reason why the director Shaji Kailas and his crew have thought, this festival season, to recheck on his present popularity as a mass action hero. And the product is Alibhai where our desi hero does everything a la Rajnikanth, to satisfy his legion of fans and the crass festival audiences. And for those who want to check it for humane storyline and lighter emotions as recent Lal movies, this may prove as an overdose.

The film has him as Anwar Ali, popularly called as Alibhai, who is the uncrowned king of Palayam market in Kozhikode. He is the savior of the poor and downtrodden. He has his group of friends, who is into everything that affects the lives of the people in the market. Even though the flower seller of the market Chenthamarai (Navya Nair) is crazy for the hero, he finds no time for love due to his heavy schedules in taking up people's causes.

The movie opens with the flash back sequences which establish young Ali, a member of barami family famous for making wooden ships. Ali Bhai in this past was cheated and wrongly accused of a crime by one of his friends Sundaran Thampi, for which he chops off, one of his hands and flee from his home to the palayam market, where he had to face many hardships before he emerged as the Bhai-the leader. He never backs out from a fight, even though he never dreamed of living as a goonda leader. Once he had to enter into a fisticuff with Bada Bhai, Abraham in which the later gets bed ridden. Even after the day, Ali takes care of Abraham with money and medicines. And from that day onwards, he was the unquestioned leader of the six thousand laborers of the market who called him with love Bhai.

In the life of Alibhai arrive the devils from his childhood, Sundaresan Thambi (Siddique) and Dan Abraham (Aryaman), son of Badabhai Abraham who wants to drive Alibhai and his men out of the market and build a mall there. They are hand in glove with the city corporation and the state administration and are having the aid of big investors from foreign countries. They are into anything, even to the levels of mass blasting, to settle their old scores and change the Kozhikode city into an international tourist centre which provides fun, wine and women. How Alibhai resists their attempts to save the market and the city forms the rest of the plot.

The film which moves in a rapid pace offers everything as a mass movie. Packaged into 2-hours-20-minutes, the rapid pace of the film helps you to avoid a yawn. Mohanlal, the one man entertainment troupe, most of the time carries the film on his shoulders with intense expressions, particularly his eyes, which display a range from bad to good. His silence speaks volumes and his performance is possibly the film's one highlight. The other highlights of the film is sadly not a refreshing storyline or sequences, but well choreographed fight sequences by stunt master Super Subbarayan.

The film has a big cast of which none except Lal gets enough spaces on screen. Among the crowds are Jagadheesh, Cochin Haneefa, Sudheesh, Shammy Thilakan, Ganesh, KPAC Lalitha and co. Suraj's Podipara occasionally register light moments, but that too is few .The producer Antony Peumbavoor also comes in an unimpressive cameo.

The film has two songs by Alex Paul, which won't help in any big manner for the movie. The lead actress Gopika as Ganga even can't make her presence felt as there is no lighter sequence from the superstar or any kind of romantic relief from the relentless fisticuffs to give audiences sore knuckles. The scripts by T A Shahid is a repackaging, which gives viewers the same old fare, of Lal heroics with the odd change here and there.

Cinematographer Sharavanan has registered some impact visuals for the film, but as usual with Shaji Kailas films, editing by Don Max is over board. Rajamani brings in a background score which adds to the action mood, but is surprisingly similar to that of Deepak Dev in Khakhi.

Shaji Kailas had earlier heard a lot of criticisms for the Mohanlal’s Meesa Piriyal films which have him twirling his moustache. But now in his best of the times, audiences in Kerala may digest having good time by watching Mohanlal's mass masala action than him in a film which has a humane storyline and stronger emotions. Don't look for reason, logic or story in harder terms, as the film is all about Mohanlal's 'heroism' and interaction with his mass viewers, and most of the time he talks directly to the camera!

Alibhai is a thorough Lal fare which has him in another hard-hitting performance, most of which we had seen earlier. Apart from Lal, there are very few reasons why one can spend money on this movie.

Alibhai Got Big Opening

Mohanlal's Onam flick Alibhai made a fabulous opening in 75 centres all around the state. The film was shown around 400 times in the state yesterday.

Almost every centre registered hundred percent audiences for all the shows. In the capital city itself the film made 14 shows in the opening day.

As the other onam releases will appear only after a week, the movie will gain the best initial ever seen in recent times.

Mohanlal has more reason's to cheer as his recent film Hello is celebrating fifty days in almost all release centres. The film is expected to continue as an Onam film and draw festival audiences in atleast thirty of the release stations, which will make it the biggest hit of the year.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Alibhai - Keralapal Report

Shaji Kailas proves again and again that bettering ‘Narasimham’ is beyond him. Though first half of ‘Alibhai’ was well directed, he failed miserably in the second. Except for looking rather fat, especially in dance sequences, Mohanlal was superb with his dialogues, mannerisms and action. Music also was downright bad. Like other Shaji Kailas films, the camera-work, editing and background scores were excellent.

Alibhai Report

Alibhai released at Kerala and the movie is getting mixed responds from the audience. Becaus all the audience are expecting movies like Narasimham and Aaram Thampuran and the movies publicity also gave over expectation to the audience. The movie is a good one everybody can enjoy the film. Mohanlal's performance in the film is very good.The movie is an action packed movie,contains good fights,songs,and lalettans "kidilan dialogues".Any how the movie will complete 100days run. If you are going to watch the movie dont expect more like Narasimham and Aaram Thampuran.. expect lal and his fights and dialogues...

Mohanlal - Sathyan film by December

Sathyan Anthikkad is planning to start his next venture with Mohanlal by the early Weeks of September. The director is presently in the last phase of scripting the movie, which is also a social satire.

Meanwhile, Mohanlal will move on for an American trip, this weekend with a group of prominent stars .The superstar will make a return only after 45 days. Then he will complete Renjith's Rock N Roll and will also complete the second schedule of College Kumaran, the new film by Thulaseedas. Mohanlal will then complete the Sathyan flick in a schedule, and the film will reach the stations as a Vishu release

Kamal is Planning to have a Mohanlal film

The most famous mainstream director of Malayalam, Kamal, is finally planning to unite with Mohanlal for his next venture. The director who has been going through rough times with some of his latest movies like Karutha Pakshykal and Goal, not making any good returns wants to revive his hit combination with Mohanlal.

The duo was last seen together nine years back in the super hit film ‘Ayaal Katha Ezhuthukayaanu’. Before this, Kamal and Mohanlal had united in the late eighties and early nineties to create some of the classic films like Orkkapurathu, Ulladakkam and Unnikale Oru Katha Parayaam.

Alibhai in 75 centers

Mohanlal's Onam offering 'Alibhai' released at 75 centers in 44 release stations ,all across Kerala. In two stations the film is shown in four centers each.
As the Ramzan month is fast approaching within three weeks, the producers of Alibhai, Aashirwaad cinemas are planning to get the maximum initials from the Onam season, before the expected collection dip when the film enters the Ramzan month.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Alibhai From 15th August and Rock N Roll for November 8

Mohanlal's latest film with director Renjith, Rock N Roll will release by November 8.

The film which has recently completed its first schedule will get completed only after Lal and group comes back from their American tour.

The film is a musical entertainer which has Mohanlal as Chandra Mauli, a drummer.

Before the release of Rock N Roll, Lal will have few other releases, the first being Alibhai, the big Onam film.

Ram Gopal Varma's remake of Sholay titled Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag will be on theatres by the end of this month.

In the film Mohanlal is playing Narasimha, an encounter specialist who is after the famous Gabbar singh.

And for Ramzan, Lal will have a release in P T Kunju Mohammed's Pardesi.

Censoring Report Of Alibhai

The censoring report of "Mohanlal's Alibhai" says that it will become a mega hit.The film Alibhai contains four fights and two songs and the very important thing that the report says that the climax of the film Alibhai is superb.Laaaal Salaaaaaaam!!!!!!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Mohanlal Show 2007

Mohanlal and a team of actors and musicians will leave to USA on 17 August to perform cultural shows.

The event titled "Mohanlal Show 2007" will be directed by popular director Joshy.

The programmes will be performed in New York, New Jersey and the team will be in US for the next 40 days.

Mukesh, Jagadhish, Vineeth, Venjaramood Suraj, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Shweta Menon and Rimi Tomy will accompany Mohanlal.MohanMo

Alibhai - Beware This Man

Friday, 10 August 2007

Once again Mohanlal Mammootty Film fight

Both of the superstar's films are going to release on Onam. Mohanlal's "Alibhai" is going to release on Aug 15th the Independence day .Previously there was news that there is no Mammooty film for Onam but now its confirmed Mammootty's "Ore Kadal" is going to release with Mohnanlal's "Alibhai" ( But not On Aug 15th). So here once again Mammootty Mohanlal Films fights are going to taking place. Good news for Mohanlal and Mammooty fans.Cheer up!!!!!!!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Six films in the line up for Onam

Onam 2007 will see six films including four superstar films, offered for the approval of the film viewers.

Mohanlal's Alibhai, Mammootty's Ore Kadal, Suresh Gopi's Black cat, Kichamani M B A, Jayaram's Seetha Kalyanam and Lohithadas's Naivedhyam are the films that are in the last race for making a release during Onam.

The first to be in theatres will be Alibhai which will get released by this 15th.

Mamootty's Ore Kadal and Suresh Gopi's Black Cat will also make into theatres by next weekend.

Naivedhyam is all set to release by 22nd of this month while Kichamani MBA will make it into theatres by the last week of August.

Many films like Mammooty's Nasrani, Prithviraj's Chocolate and Dileep's Calcutta News which were planned as Onam releases were shifted to a further date due to non completion and other technical problems. Non arrival of these films will definitely make a luck lustre filmi onam, this year.

Moreover three of these films including Ore Kadal, Black Cat and Seetha Kalyanam were those that were earlier planned to make it to theatres before this onam, and so will lack the entertainment values of festival films. Only Alibhai and Kichamani MBA are the films that were planned for the festival audiences.

"Hello" still at the Top

The July release has survived the heavy rains and ongoing epidemic strains and many films have become safer deals, for the masses. This August has also created one of the biggest hits in Hello which is facing virtually no competition from any of the films on the run.

The top five Malayalam films are:

1. Hello - The Mohanlal film still stays at the top with collections to envy. Director duo Rafi-Mecartin has made the biggest blockbuster of the year, which stills takes, a ninety percent collection even after a month of release.

2. Nadiya Kolapetta Rathri - K. Madhu makes yet another thriller with Suresh Gopi as the cop. The film draws a decent initial, even though everything except the backdrop of the train, seems pretty regular in investigative thrillers in Malayalam.

3. Arabikatha - Director Lal Jose's political satire initiated the biggest talk that a film has created in recent times. Featuring Sreenivasan in the main lead, the film has become popular with the viewers, disregarding their political affiliations.

4. Mission 90 Days - Mammootty played to perfection a commando chasing down the assassins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. But the film is not proving to do any good to director Major Ravi's efforts, as it is little away from becoming a washout. Presently in its fifth week, the film draws only 40 percent collections.

5. Heart Beats - The heavy promotional and the presence of Simran has managed to create an initial for the film, but no gimmicks may save the film from becoming another youth disaster.

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The Original "Alibhai "

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Onam With Mohanlal

Mohanlal's Alibhai's release is confirmed on AUg 15 but it looks like Mammootty will not have an Onam 2007 release for the first time in 11 years!

The shooting of the actor's proposed Onam release Nasarani has been delayed due to rains and frequent 'Hartals' called by political parties in the state.

Theatres which had charted his Nasarani as their Onam release have been informed by the distributor Marakkar films that it has been postponed to Ramzan, and will now release only on October 12.

A pall of gloom has descended in Kerala among Mammookka's fans, as they were eagerly looking for Nasarani, especially after Mission 90 Days was washed away at the box-office.

So now it is certain that there will be no worthwhile opposition to Mohanlal's Ali Bhai, which will be censored on Friday and will be ready for release on August 15.

Sushmita Sen praises Varma and Mohanlal

Sushmita is working on "Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag" the remake of 70's blockbuster movie "Sholay". She plays the character named Durga.Sushmita rewinds to Jaya Bachchan who played Radha in Ramesh Sippy's "Sholay". As per Sushmita, "It's not that my character Durga doesn't speak. It's that inner tranquillity. And hats off to Ramu for signing someone with a strong image like me to play someone like Durga ... it requires guts and hindsight. Ramu has both". Sen is die hard fan of Malayalam mega star Mohanlal and she is very happy about sharing screen space with him. "I've stood in the same frame as Mohanlal. I'm honoured. To watch him perform is to watch a whole textbook on Indian cinema unfold in front of your eyes. He's that brilliant." says Sushmita.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Alibhai Official Site

hii all fans check this oficial Alibhai site... Alibhai Official Site
Check the wall papers and all...its an awesome site.....

Alibhai Preview , Alibhai - The one man army to Conquer

Cast: Mohanlal, Gopika, Navya Nair

Direction: Shaji Kailas
Production: Antony Perumbavoor

Mohanlal who is on a dream run among super hits, producing some of the best in his career, is on to one of the big budget extravaganza for this Onam-Ali bhai.

The film, planned to deliver a complete Onam sadhya for his fans, will have everything to satisfy the regular views of the star. The star's favorite director Shaji Kailas, who is again teaming up with Lal after Baba Kalyani for Alibhai is hell-bent on making his new film with Mohanlal a grand affair.

The film which has screen play by T A Shahid opens from the historical streets of Valiyangadi and Vellayil Kadappuram. The film tells about the lives of a big mass of people, mostly the laborers of Palayam market in Kozhikode.

Mohanlal plays Akbar Ali, a trade union leader who controls the famous Palayam market. Ali is the darling of the masses and downtrodden and helps anybody who comes to him without expecting anything in return. He never backs out from a fight, even though he never dreamed of living as a goonda leader. Once he had to enter into a fisticuff with Bada Bhai, in which the later gets killed. And from that day onwards, he was the unquestioned leader of the six thousand laborers of the market. They called him with love Bhai.

Alibhai once had to flee his home when he is wrongly accused of a crime. The film is also about how he influences so many lives. T .A Shahid models the character on Ali Babu, a person from real life who lived like Ali Bhai in Kozhikkode, decades ago.

Shahid is expecting to repeat the success of his Rajamaanikyam through Alibhai, which is meticulously scripted.

Gopika (Ganga) is one among the two heroines, with whom Ali falls in love with. Navya Nair plays Chenthamara, the flower-seller who too loves Ali Bhai.

The film which features a huge support cast including Innocent, Cochin Haneefa, Sai Kumar, Rajan.P.Dev, Suraj, Vijayakumar, Siddique, Jagadish, Shammi Thilakan, Sudheesh, Sharanya, Shamna and another hundred artists.

The film will have every type of mass masala, terrific punch lines,item song, spell binding action sequences, good music and everything a commercial movie should have.

Cinematographed by Sharavanan, the film is edited by Don Max. The film has three songs set to music by Alex Paul in the lyrics off Gireesh Puthencherry. The shooting of film which was completed in Kozhikode and Pollachi is now in the final stages of post production.

Planned to make the biggest of the releases in Malayalam in more than 60 centres, the film will grace the theatres as an Onam release by the 15th of this month.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Double for Mohanlal

Mohanlal is trying his hand at double role for his next film to be directed Joshy.

The film in the scripts of A K Sajan is produced by Sasi Ayyanchira (the producers of Mission 90 Days).

This new untitled film will be an immediate project of the veteran director after Nasrani which is presently in the sets.

Joshy has recently created a few hits with Lal including Naran, but his last release July 4 with Dileep didn't work out quite well.

But We can Expect a Mega hit from this Team....Because its our "Lalettan"....

Hello doing well, even outside Kerala.

Hello is becoming one of the milestones in Malayalam film history for its exceptional run, even outside Kerala.

The film which was released in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, also makes money box tingling there. It is the first time that a Malayalam film is being shown in four cinemas in Chennai at the same time, that too in multiplexes such as Inox and Mayajaal.

This comes as a shot in the arm for the actor who has proved his credentials as a consummate entertainer many times over. Now the producers of Mohanlal are planning to make big releases for his every future movie.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Sathyan Anthikkad - Mohanlal Team Again

It took a decade to bring together the old friends, director Sathyan Anthikkad and superstar Mohanlal to work for a film last year.

The result was the super hit Rasathanthram which ran to 100 days. The film reworked the chemistry and sync between the director and his favorite actor to such an extent that they planned to unite in every alternate year.

Sathyan who was taking rest after his recent hit Vinodhayathra, have started working for his next project again with Lal. The film will again present a family subject in the backdrop of Sathyan’s subtle humour.

The film which is the Vishu project of 2008 will start by the December of this year and is produced by the trusted aide of Lal. Antony Perumbavoor in the banner of Aashirwaad cinemas.

Top 5 movies of the week

Even few new releases like "Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri" and "Veeralipatu" arrived last week,but they couldn't dislodge Our mohanlal starrer Hello from the top spot.Lalettan's film Keeps the 1st Position.

The top five Malayalam films are:

1. Hello - Directors Rafi-Mecartin have presented Mohanlal in an out-and-out comic role. The actor has enthralled audiences with his performance and the film is destined to become one of the biggest successes of the star.

2. Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri - Another investigative thriller from K Madhu has opened well and is in fact, the movie received the best opening for a Suresh Gopi film, this year. The film which succeeds in keeping the suspense element till the end also proves different with the plot of three killings in a compartment and the backdrops of a running train.

3. Arabikatha - Sreenivasan, once again proves that his slow but steady initial which can save any film with thick content. Lal Jose presents though his film a man who holds leftist ideals close to his heart and is forced to go to the Middle East to earn money. The film has become the most talked about filmi event of recent times.

4. Mission 90 Days - Major Ravi is back with the story of a National Security Guards (NSG) team tracking down the assassins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The film, which has Mammootty in the lead offers a different cinematic approach based on reality, but the film may find it hard to become a success.

5. Sooriyan - The V M Vinu directed Jayaram starrer is still in the list because, the other films that has been released recently even didn't mange to create any openings. Sooriyan may not help Jayaram to resurrect his career in Malayalam

Apart from these Prithviraj’s Veeralipattu, Babu Thiruvalla's Thaniye and Dileep's July 4 are still in theatres finding it hard to invite in the Masses.

Major Ravi's New Project "Kargil" with Mohanlal

After two films back to back which told army stories , Major Ravi is now on to make another in the title 'Kargil'. The film with Mohanlal in the lead will be a bilingual made in Hindi and Malayalam simultaneously.

"I am planning a film on the Kargil war. We lost so many army men in the war. I want people to know what happens in a war, I want people to feel for those who sacrifice their lives for the country. I was in Kargil but the war started only after I came out", says Major Ravi on his new project.

Meanwhile Major Ravi's latest film on theatres 'Mission 90 days' is getting mixed responses from the audience. According to the director, the audience has reacted the way he expected after seeing the film, as every viewer is talking about the delay that happened in catching Sivarasan and starting the operation. "It is not that I am the first person who is talking about this delay. So many books and statements have already come out. I have also shown it in my film. Because it is a film, it has become a matter of discussion. If we had gone inside and caught them alive, the operation would have been successful completely", says the director, a recipient of the President's medal for gallantry, who left the Indian Army to be a military consultant for many Indian films.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Mohanlal New Film Photos

Ram Gopal Varma Ki "AAG"

Check out this site to see our Lalettan in the film "AAG"

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Rock n Roll- Mohanlal In New Style

Mohanlal wears cargos, designer shirts and shorts (Oh God!) in Rock & Roll, where he will be speaking in accented English with a mixture of Malayalam . The buzz is that the character sketch of Murugan is similar to the famous drummer Sivamani!

Rohini back to Malayalam With Mohanlal

The heartthrob of the eighties, Rohini is again back to Malayalam playing a prominent role in the new film Rock N Roll by Renjith. The film will have her playing the role of Nirmala, wife of Violinist Issac, played by Lal.

The actress, who debuted through Malayalam and became a big star in the eighties, had a number of hits associated with her.

Recently she was appearing as the presenter of a number of programmes of Amritha TV. She is also a friend of Renjith, since she lent her voice for Shreya Reddy in his Black, the Mammooty starrer of 2004.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Special Posters for Alibhai

The Onam offering from Mohanalal, Alibhai will have special posters, designed for the diehard fans of Lal.

The posters will feature the fans from all over the state who assembled in thousands for the Pooja of the film. Designer Gayathri Ashokan is now working on the various versions of this poster, which will hit the Kerala streets in a week.

The film is expected to make a release by the 15th of this month.

Threat for Malayalam film from outside

The success of Tamil films in Kerala has sent panic waves among the Malayalam film industry. Recently films like Sivaji swept the collections at all centres.

The worried Malayalam film industry has now decided to seek the Chief Minister's help to save the film industry. Mammootty had met the Chief Minister recently and had given him a detailed petition listing the problem.

They want the state government to impose special taxes for non-Malayalam films that are being screened in the state.

College Kumaran - Pooja

The Pooja of the new film by Thulasidas starring superstar Mohanlal 'College Kumaran' was held at Kozhikkode. The pooja functions which took place in Emil and Eric towers was attended by invited few including Mohanlal.

The film has six heroines playing prominent roles. Vimala Raman is in the lead character opposite Lal, while the film will also have Ramya Nambeeshan, Samvrutha Sunil and three new comers in equally important roles.

Thulasidas, who directs his second film with Lal in his career of 30 films, will start the shooting for the film by the first week of August. Suresh Poduval pens the characters for the film.

The pooja of Lal's earlier film ‘Alibhai’ was celebrated with much splendor last month, in a function attended by at least three thousand fans of the star.

Alibhai Photo Gallery

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