Monday, 17 September 2007

Top 5 movies of the week - Hello still keeps No:1 Position

With the effects of another disastrous Onam dying out, most of the films released for Onam have virtually burnt out leaving the ones that were released earlier, into surprising hits.

The top 5 movies of the week are certainly surprising, if you have not watched this column for the last few weeks.

1. Hello - Mohanlal's biggest hit of the year continues to be the number one of the charts even after eleven weeks of release. The film continues in 13 centers across the state.

2. Arabikatha - In a surprise rebound, Arabikatha which was released on July 4 still attracts masses than the Onam releases. In many centres the film replaced many Onam releases after a gap of three weeks.

3. Alibhai - The film manages forty percent in major centres, even though half of the release centres have shifted it. Chances for becoming a break even are there, if it survives another three weeks in major centres.

4. Ore Kadal - Director Shyamaprasad's film about an affair between a megalomaniac social scientist and a simple housewife, have daring performances, but the film is mostly seen as high class entertainer. The movie manages to keep its momentum in very few city centres, but with increasing mouth publicity, the film maybe in theatres for another couple of weeks

5. Nivedhyam -This film by Lohithadas has successfully launched it major stars and they got many openings in newer films, but film is struggling to find audience. All chances are that this will become a losing proportion for Lal release.

With Ramzan month going on, no movies are expected to make any surprise collections for a couple of weeks. Rather there are more chances of them to leave the theaters for new Tamil and Hindi releases.

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