Friday, 31 August 2007

Onam Release Reports

Poor entertainment values of the Onam films has resulted in virtual loss in collections of every films that were released this Onam.

As the films resorted to poor marketing, the situation became worse as most of the cine goers found solace in watching the previous year’s super hits, in mini screens in their own homes.

Mohanlal's ‘Alibhai’ was the safest of the lot as it managed to capture a better initial.

Mammootty's Ore Kadal which was released this Sunday surprised everyone with its poor opening, even though the film has some inspirational performances. The film though not expected to become a crowd puller, is faring worse than expected.

The rest of the films for this onam Kichamani MBA and Nivedhyam too is not going to have an upset victory as both are only maintaining very low collections.

And at the end is quite clear that Mohanlal's Hello which was released two months back will be the clear winner, this Onam. Continuing its impressive performance at the box office, the film is all poised to become the biggest hit of the year.

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