Thursday, 9 August 2007

"Hello" still at the Top

The July release has survived the heavy rains and ongoing epidemic strains and many films have become safer deals, for the masses. This August has also created one of the biggest hits in Hello which is facing virtually no competition from any of the films on the run.

The top five Malayalam films are:

1. Hello - The Mohanlal film still stays at the top with collections to envy. Director duo Rafi-Mecartin has made the biggest blockbuster of the year, which stills takes, a ninety percent collection even after a month of release.

2. Nadiya Kolapetta Rathri - K. Madhu makes yet another thriller with Suresh Gopi as the cop. The film draws a decent initial, even though everything except the backdrop of the train, seems pretty regular in investigative thrillers in Malayalam.

3. Arabikatha - Director Lal Jose's political satire initiated the biggest talk that a film has created in recent times. Featuring Sreenivasan in the main lead, the film has become popular with the viewers, disregarding their political affiliations.

4. Mission 90 Days - Mammootty played to perfection a commando chasing down the assassins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. But the film is not proving to do any good to director Major Ravi's efforts, as it is little away from becoming a washout. Presently in its fifth week, the film draws only 40 percent collections.

5. Heart Beats - The heavy promotional and the presence of Simran has managed to create an initial for the film, but no gimmicks may save the film from becoming another youth disaster.

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