Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Star War on July

Both the stars Mohanlal and Mammotty are rushing to complete the post production work of their movies “Madambi” and “Parunthu” respectively. Both of these films are scheduled for July. Both of the film is portraying private financier.

In “Madambi” Mohanlal plays a character name Goplakrishna Pillai, a famous financier in his village and in “Parunthu”, Mammooty is Gillette Purushothaman, a pitiless money lender.

As per the reports “Madambi” will hit the theatre on 11th of July and “Parunthu” on 17th. But the crew of both the films are not worried as per their opinion the story line of both of the film are totally different and if the film has a good script then definitely will become a success. Anyway let’s wait for the battle.

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