Friday, 1 February 2008

College Kumaran Review - Good Entertainer!

A very good entertainer from our Lalettan. From the first 2 days the report shows that the movies is going to be a super hit of the year 2008. You can enjoy 2.45 hr wihout boring.

The film is a rollicking ride through the life of Kumaran alias Captin Sreekumar, an ex military officer, who is presently running the campus canteen of Mahatma College.

Spending his days entirely for and with the students Kumaran popularly called as Kumarettan, is the life and soul of the campus. Kumaran is the only person who can influence the students of this college to any extent. He is like a gang leader who is always in front to support and raise the needs of students, be it the agitation demanding the recognition of courses before the Secretariat or the strike against Prof Vikraman (Rizabava) who runs special tuition in the time of college classes. Even the principal Narendranath (Janaardhanan) and manager Shivaraman Nair(Nedumudi Venu) turns to him, whenever the students starts fights on petty issues and politically targeted strikes.

Kumaran's father Karunakaran Nair and his sister died in a fire that happened in the canteen ten years back , and there after Kumaran left the army to be with the students and the college, which he maintains like his own home. But there were many who hated Kumaran and his freehand in the college administration. The spearhead among them was Sethunathan, the educational minister, and the chieftain of all illegal business activities related to education. A former chairman of the college, he raved to buy the college from the manager Shivaraman by hook or crook. And for this he hatched many plans which get spoiled always by the timely intrusion of Kumaran. Madhavi (Vimala Raman), the college's English professor, was another person who felt that Kumaran is the major reason behind the students getting pampered and spoiled. But very soon the tables are expected to turn against Kumaran as he get enmeshed in a bigger trap, Will Kumaran be able to survive the commotion? Can he save the college from Sethunath? See the film for the answers.

Also the film got nice songs. The song starting "Kanakuyil.." is already got in top list.

Definitely a good entertainer of the year.

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