Friday, 22 February 2008

An 8crore 'Kargil' from the Major Ravi

Major Ravi, director of hit films like ‘Keerthi Chakra’ and ‘Mission Ninety days’, is in the final stages of the scripting of his new film 'Kargil'. The film bases on the the Kargil war, which according to the director was completely unnecessary one, that was thrust upon us.The film will discuss the post war situation, after the death of many hundreds from both the sides. Kargil will be shot at Dubai, Pakistan and India at a whooping budget of around eight crores. The film will also depict Nawaz Sharife and Pervez Musharraf, the key players of the war and for them; Ravi has already started hunting for the look alike.The director prefers to keep the plot unrevealed as it is sure to kick off many controversies. And the other aspect of interest is that Mohanlal who plays the lead in Kargil will be presented again as Major Mahadevan, the same character that he had portrayed in the super hit 'Keerthi Chakra'. The director says that he has a special bonding with the name and hence the name and the character will also be retained even in the new film.

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