Sunday, 18 December 2011

Arabiyum Ottakavaum P Madhavan Nairum - Movie Review

After a long year gap Priyan - Mohanlal combo came together for the mass entertainer Arabiyum Ottakavaum P Madhavan Nairum. If you want to enjoy your time then go for it. The team had well shaped the movie 'Arabiyum Ottakavaum P Madhavan Nairum'.

You will get what you expect from Priyan - Mohanlal combo. If you are looking for a serious emotional movie then you will find lots of negatives and get disappointed. But if you want to enjoy your time then you laugh for anything. Most of the comedies are situation based and you can't hear any double meaning vulgar comedies. Definitely a family entertainer.

Never try to compare with old Mohanlal - Priyan movies. The only negative(?) is the lack of a strong story (I don't this its a negative.. but this is only the thing others can say as a negative). But if you can laugh for 2.45 hours then whats the important in a STRONG story. The movie has a story with good pace.

The first 15-20 minutes you may get bore. But after the entry of Mukesh and Bhavana, you wont get a chance to get bored. Mohalal - Mukesh combo did well for this movie. You can watch Lalettan's facial expression comedies with Mukesh's verbal comedies.

Suraj also did well in this movie. All other actors have done their part well.

All in all worth for your money and time. As in my usual reviews here also I dont like to outline the story. You guys go and watch the movie and share your valuable comments. If you feel my review is utter blunder then please post it as your comment.

Enjoy this Christmas with Madhavettan..

Happy Christmas and New Year!!!!!

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