Saturday, 3 September 2011

'Pranayam' - Brilliant

Yes Blessy created another magic with Pranayam, undoubtedly excellent in all ways. He is brilliantly translated the finest script on celluloid and with brilliant performance form the leading actors made it perfect. Blessy, he is finely portrayed the relationship between man and woman.

Casting Mohanlal and Anupam Kher for the two leading roles made his decision perfect. The considerate dialogues between the lead players  and also the emotional finale shows is expertise as a master narrator.

I don't want to outline any single line of the story of the movie, so moving to technical side, the visuals and editing is at the top, and of course the music and title track, no words to explain.

Real family movie with strong story and script with well acting. Go for it, or you are going to miss a beautiful movie.

A must watch movie with your lover..... Enjoy Lalettan's brilliant performance.... Hats off to the team... 

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