Monday, 18 April 2011

China Town - Mass Entertainer

As expected 'China Town' declared as one of the best entertainer movie of this year. Hilarious first half and an ordinary but fun mixed second half.

The movie will entertain you the whole 2.30 hrs. The movie tells the story of the 3 friend and their revenge against the killer of their family members. The first half is full of comedy. You will laugh without any doubt. Suraj did a very good role in this movie.All the actors did very good job to entertain and also in serious roles.

Mohanlal performed well in dancing sequences and also in fight. You can see an energetic Lal in this movie. Jayaram and Dileep also did well in their comedy roles.

If you want to enjoy and relax go for it.. Don't bother about the 2nd half, its not a waste 2nd half but the over expectation carried over from first half will make us feel so.

Go for it if you want to enjoy and relax.....

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Anonymous said...

China town is a good entertainer lalettan is outstanding performence

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