Thursday, 16 December 2010

'Kandahar' Movie Review - Good One from Major

Major Mahadevan is back with another mission. Yes this time also he did it well with his boys. Kandahar, a very well narrated story with good patriotic and emotional scenes.

The duo Big B and Mohanlal did their role excellently. Their combination scenes are the highlight of the movie.

About the movie, I am not going to reveal any single scene here but will give you a brief review. First half is a bit slow compared to the 2nd half. First half mainly focusing on the family relations and military training. But you can see good emotional scenes of Amithabh Bachan with Ganesh (as Big B's son).

Second half is very good with good pace. Its not only focusing on the hijack mission, but also a father's feeling towards his son. Really heart touching scenes with Mohanlal and Big B.

The climax scene is excellent.

Overall a very good movie to watch with excellent patriotic scenes.

Folks, don't expect military operations like you have seen in 'Keerthichakra' and 'Kurukshetra' and don't expect a full time hijack and military operations.

Rating: **
Definitely worth a watch....

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