Friday, 10 September 2010

'Shikkar - The Hunt' - A Real Suspense Thriller

Excellent!! Great story line, direction, camera and mind blowing acting this is what 'Shikkar - The Hunt'.

I don't like to reveal the story here. Just go and watch the movie. If I explain the story here, it will spoil your thrill when you are watching the movie. It is always better to watch the movie without knowing any single scene, but the total opinion. Here no need to worry about the opinion, the movie is really a good entertainer. You can feel the real acting from Mohanlal. Acting is not only the dialogue presentation but the body language also. You can feel the feeling of his character from each of his movements and his eyes. Just go and watch the movie then you will get what am trying to say.

Its really a great feeling to watch the movie with claps,whistle, dances.. I really enjoyed each and every frames of the movie.

Great songs, great visualisation, everything about the movie is perfect. I appreciate the director and script writer for the brilliant work.

Every one did great job.

Definitely worth a watch.

Just watch the movie and share your comments here...

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