Thursday, 25 February 2010

Azhikode's reply to Mohanlal and Innocent

In a press meet held at Kozhikkode, Sukumar Azhikode told that nobody have the right to obstruct him from involving in Thilkan's issue with AMMA. He also pointed out to Mohanlal that don't be like "Donkey carrying Saffron". He reacted to Innocent that "Rama Nama Japam" is not for the aged peoples but for the devotees and Innocent dont have the right to talk about this. At some point Azhikode mentioned that he is more handsone than Mohanlal.

It seems he is more frustrated with the recent comment from Innocent and Mohanlal.

Now also am confused why he is more concerned in this issue? May be because ealier in a press meet Thilakan informed that he is a communist. Or for a cheap publicity? I have some more questions to get answer. What Azhikode really want from this issue? Does he want to solve the issue or to make a controversy?

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