Monday, 28 December 2009

Ividam Swargamanu – A Brilliant treat from the Team

First of all sorry for the late review.

A brilliant story visualized by the brilliant director with the support of brilliant actor and team. This is the simple review about the movie.

The story of the movie is a normal one, but the script writer made it something different. I liked the 2nd half of the movie compared to the first half (even though both are good).

The climax is mixed with comedy and suspense, suspense is not in the villain but the way lal’s character making his victory over the villain. Mathews (Mohanlal) uses his brain to fight against the villain Aluva Chandy (Lalu Alex) not his muscle power and finally succeeds.

There is no climax fight here but above that you can watch comedy mixed climax which is the energy booster of the film. I don’t like to reveal the story line of the movie; even you also don’t like to reads it from here:). I know most of you have already watched the movie minimum one time.

Roshan Andrews and James Albert again on their winning track with “Ividam Swargamanu”. Mohanlal as usual performed well with his natural acting and other actors also done their role well. The suspense role of Sreenivasan is a good turn of the film.

Overall it’s a nice movie with good pace and “rhythm”.

I cannot count the positives becuse everything worked well in this film, instead I i feel better is to tell the negatives(?). The combination scenes of Mohanlal, Thilakan, and Kaviyoor Ponnamma can be made more to make a good family orineted and some of the farm scenes in the first half could be reduced.

Even though there is no songs in the film, you wont get bored in the 2.45 hours.

Verdict: *** (very happy to give this)

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