Friday, 26 June 2009

Bhramaram Review

Bhramaram- Simply Superb!! This is what I can say about the film in short words. Once again director Blessy proved himself as a class director.

I dont want to reveal the story here, because you should watch the film from the theaters. The movie with simple story but lots of family and action packed scenes which will keep you in your seat without any hesitation but with great excitement.

Mohanlal made the climax brilliantly with his maximum. Some of the characters played by Suresh Menon, Bhoomika and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy could have been more effective with better dubbing. But Muralikrishnan, who plays Alex, has nice features to suit his role and he does a nice job as well. The other character which is highlightin in the movie is the character played by KPAC Lalitha, eventhough she has only small role.

About the cinematography by Ajayan VIncent is excellent. This keep the mood of the film with awsome background music.

You will feel the movie even after you leave the theater. This happens only in 1/100 film. The excellent performance by lalettan is the high light of the movie . The class direction and visualisation makes you to move with the film.

No doubt that the movie Bhramaram is a recommended one to both the family and youth. Dont wait to watch go for it today itself. You never feel guilty if you go but you feel guilty if you missed the the film.


Anonymous said...

The film is super.The way the film is going is excellent and i am really impressed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Work By Blessy & Mohanlal!!

Brahmaram is an exceptional classy movie of highly talented direction,superb acting and of course good camera work.

Mohanlal once again proves that he is the best.
He plays his role to perfection which portraits all the emotions of a man with ease.
His performance makes the movie 'Brahmaram' a must watch for all type of movie goers.

Hats off to Blessy for making such a wonderful flawless script which also is perfectly knitted.

Don't lose the chance to see a classy Malayalam film.

Arun said...

superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all....blessy you have done an excellent job. lalettan perfomed in his natural way. only he can do this role...

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