Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sagar Alias Jacky - Review

The most awaited movie Sagar Alias Jacky released today more than 102 centers with lots of expectations.

There is nothing in the movie than some stylish walks by Mohanlal and usual camera works by Amal Neerad. The movie lacks good story line and powerful script. The director and script writer made the flexible actor to walk throght the film and they never tried to use his skills. The actors like Jagathy, Nedumudivenu were wasted in the movie as they dont have anything to do in this film.

The first half of the movie is good compared with the 2nd half. First half got good pace and you can sit and watch. With nice intro scene the movie goes with great expectations. The first half will complete with intro and the releasing scene of Manoj K Jayan by Mohalal from a Govan gangster, smuggler team parellelly working with Mohanlal and "Naina" the villain.

There is no suspense, no more punch dialogues, no comedies, and no moew actions. About the second half first 10 or 15 mnts is ok. But after this you will feel bored by going on. The love scenes with Bhavana, Mohanlal's one man fight(shooting) with the gangsters all will make you bored.

Positives: Mohanlal, Songs and camera works

Negatives: Story, script, love scene with Bhavana, one man shooting with the gnagsters and more.

After seeing the movies you will feel the team can be make it as better way easily.

My Verdict: Average

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