Monday, 1 December 2008

Pakal Nakshatrangal - Class Movie

The movie Pakal Nakshatrangal is a brilliant and brave work from the team. The appreciation to all the crew for such a class movie. Director Rajeev Nath done an excellent work. Anoop Menon has performed well as an actor and also the script work is appreciable.

As usual Mohanlal done his role pretty well as Sidharthan. His amazing body-languages made the character a perfect one with all the emotions. Suresh Gopi as doctor Dr.Vaidyanathan and Anoop Menon as Adhi, performed well.

The musics are also good in this movie. The song by Hariharan is pretty good. Music by Shahabaz Aman is great. Rajeev Nath utilised maximum from all the actors and the script.

The movie is a brilliant effort and definitely recommended for all film lovers, if you miss the film you are going to lose the great Malayalam class film.

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