Thursday, 13 March 2008

Mohanlal and Mukesh in 'Chayamukhy’- Drama Based On "Mahabharatham"

After his much celebrated drama appearance in Kavalam Narayana Panikkar's 'Karnabharam', Mohanlal acted in full length play in 'Chayamukhy'as Bheema(Mahabharatham Character). This two hour play,its premier show staged at Trichur's Lulu convention centre.

The play is produced by Mukesh’s 'Kalidasa Visual Magic'. ‘Chayamukhi' is a mirror given to Bheema by Hidumbi, a mirror that enables the viewer to see the image of the person he or she loves the most. Taking this story thread from the epic `Mahabharata`s Virataparvam, playwright and director Prashant Narayanan is discussing the themes of notions on love that remains unreturned. The play moves back and forth between the present and the time of the Mahabharata, as the mirror gets exchanged to various characters who realizes what their hearts love most, rather than what their minds asked them to believe.

Mukesh is playing the demon king Keechaka in ‘Chayamukhy’. This 14 segment drama features 24 actors other than Lal and Mukesh. The crew has rehearsed for sixty days to perfect the presentations, which also include 14 short songs set to music by Vidhyadharan and written by the director.

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