Sunday, 23 December 2007

Flash -Review

Flash - The music is youthful, but ordinary

Gopi Sundar is exceptional as a rerecording artist. His contribution to the success of films like 'NoteBook' and ‘Big B' were much lauded. And when it was heard that the talented rerecording artist is finally becoming a full time music director, every music lover was loaded with much expectations. But after hearing the tunes that he had given to his debut movie 'Flash', one don't find much reason to get over joy.

One of the first things that excite a listener is the presence of names like Karthik, Anuradha Sriram, Gayathri and Vineeth Srinivasan who share the songs within them which itself guarantees some soulful melodies. The album is slightly overdone with monotonous slow themes, which may find difficult to climb the charts. Gopi has gone for the classy way of presenting himself, selecting more complicated tunes and mix up of ragas, than going for more popular beats. The album offers much freshness, but the rather slow pitched tunes except a couple, may find it hard to gain an instant support from the audience.

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